ESG Innovations

AI Based Social Innovations Research

Improving ESG performance for medium size organisations

Building “Europe’s leading social innovations AI research tool” to empower SMEs to efficiently support transformation for sustainability and great ESG performance

Our clients

ESG consultancies are on the forefront supporting their customers with their specific needs and challenges who work with medium size organisation on ESG reporting and materiality assessments. We are positioned as a premium service ESG consultancies can offer on top their own offerings.

Economic urgency

EU regulation for CSRD/ESG reporting become mandatory for SME beginning 2025. Proactively addressing ESG can drive innovation, operational efficiency, and long-term resilience, leading to a competitive advantage in an increasingly sustainability-conscious market.

Our assumption

Social innovations can accelerate ESG performance through supply chain optimization, process, and resource improvements. Implementing innovative environmental and social strategies, technologies, and processes can significantly enhance a company’s sustainability performance.

Our mission is to publish a tool globally for innovative entrepreneurs and businesses that effectively address the world’s most critical problems, as outlined in the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We believe that the best solutions often come from co-creation and collaboration, a shared view of success, and an alignment of purpose and values. Our goal is to help established SMEs unlock their potential to lead with a more sustainable and responsible business. Harness the innovative power of emerging start-ups and build successful collaborations. Conversely, we help match emerging and established highly innovative and impact-driven companies to actively engage with SMEs. By matching established SMEs with innovative impact and SDG-oriented startups for a successful business relationship, we address an important need that drives innovation and transformation – a win for medium size organisations.

Rapid change requires rethinking. Impact thinking and methods are the most effective way to drive innovation and solve problems. Entrepreneurs succeed through creativity, risk-taking and a focus on quantifiable results. They think outside the box and challenge conventional wisdom to develop innovative and scalable systemic solutions. Their willingness to take calculated risks allows them to experiment and test new ideas in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. This, in turn, leads to rapid iteration and continuous improvement, enabling entrepreneurs to quickly identify and solve problems.

Our goal is to find the right innovative business partners and solutions for cooperation and joint development. We look for companies and leaders that best understand and address the challenges. We also focus on recognising companies that align with certain goals and values/cultures to successfully achieve the expected innovation and impact goals. We strongly believe that start-ups and SMEs hold the key to new and more sustainable business practices. Our mission is to facilitate this crucial connection.

Our unique capability is to specialize in finding and partnering with companies that offer the beneficial innovation needed to achieve sustainable ESG goals. We have built a large global network of investors, social entrepreneurs, and sustainability-focused networks and organizations. Combined with our scalable and powerful AI-based metasearch technology, we map trends, innovations and companies globally along their sustainability and impact capabilities. As a result, we efficiently source and map/match companies with the most innovative solutions. We help assess cultural fit, goals and values, and facilitate workshops and negotiations as needed. This is called Venture Clienting – we are building the platform to make Impact Venture Clienting easy for SMEs and startups to accelerate building successful business-innovation partnerships.

Identifying startups through a global search, we meticulously match them to SMEs‘ needs. Rigorous screening, smooth onboarding, and continuous support ensure the creation of successful, sustainable partnerships.

1 - Identifying Needs and Matches:

Collaborating with SMEs and their consultants, critical areas requiring innovation and solutions are identified. The global network is then leveraged to pinpoint the best-matching companies and solutions.

2 - Screening and Alignment:

Rigorous screening ensures potential matches meet standards for innovation, sustainability, and responsibility. Additionally, an alignment check evaluates the fit between startups and the established company’s values and goals.

3 - Onboarding and Support:

The onboarding process is overseen to facilitate a smooth integration of the startup into existing operations. Continuous support, including training, advice, and monitoring, ensures a successful outcome.

We solve problems and challenges with a technological approach using AI-powered software. Our software searches a dataset of over 10 million records of business services and solutions. Our service is designed to perform the following functions:

1) AI assisted identification of maximum number of social solutions publicly described on the Internet

2) Database-based aggregation of data – currently 10 million data points

3) Research solutions by problem, ESG, SDG, region, language and industry

4) Monthly updated source data

5) Different use cases for stakeholder specific solution packages

The design principle is to be modular, allowing for rapid integration of other partners and data feeds, and to take full advantage of developments in AI, cloud, and analytics.

2023: Pioneering in Data Automation

In 2023, we start with a single data format and automated data refreshment. The application of AI-based natural language processing (NLP) in analysis allows us to „understand“ and organize the large amounts of data quickly and accurately.

2025: Expansion and Sustainable Partnerships

By 2025, we will expand to multiple data sources and automate innovation-customer mapping. We will accelerate and enrich our AI-based NLP capabilities and develop a web front-end for selected public and internal use cases, including paid subscriptions, trends, and reports newsletter. White labeling the platform for integration into other projects is possible to drive revenue/scale. An example could be a link to a CSRD analysis tool.

2027: Global ESG Dashboard

By 2027, we aim to achieve dynamic integration and matching of data sources, leading to the creation of a Global ESG/SDG Transformation Dashboard showing trends, best practice, regional and sector clusters, and more. We also plan to automate benchmarking and tracking and develop a predictive/interactive frontend. We envision a proprietary platform for global consulting partners and establish a custom newsletter and nudges.

We have an experienced team of change management, business strategy, M&A and partnering professionals, an extensive global network of impact and SDG-focused companies, organizations and individuals, and a scalable AI-based platform that is regularly updated. We are committed to the success of building sustainable, responsible, and leading business practices.

Impact Investing:

Enable financing based on real data for evaluation of social innovations globally in different languages and regions.


An entire new service from agencies and consultancies evolve. Access to data will enble service providers to help all industries and sectors to find their individual innovations.


Social Entrepreneurs can access data to find science, research and co-creators that may help significantly to accelerate and scale their services.


A new media platform for social innovations with arise from the huge amount of collected data showcasing social entrepreneurs and their products and service. News agencies will get access to brodcast licensing to put content on air.